Xerox Office Automation

• We supply all Xerox product portfolio from Black and White , Color copiers/printers& scanners

Xerox Technical Service

Alex Print – Esos offer a wide selection of Xerox machines for all requirements, from small offices to commercial printers complemented by our professional technical support. -Our Xerox consultants are highly experienced and capable of consulting with your business to help you understand the total cost of ownership around your document flow. After a short assessment, we will prepare a no obligation proposal for consideration that will suit your business and your budget while improving your productivity. Our affordable solutions ensure our customers enjoy the very best in Xerox technology on a monthly rental contract, including free insurance, without any upfront costs. -Our comprehensive service plan will provide you with exceptional after sales service and dedicated technical support. .-Our services also include monthly meter readings and month-end reports to understand your volumes and machine performance.

Electronic archiving solutions

Now more than ever, companies and organizations are modernizing their physical archives and transforming them into a digital bank of information. Here at Alex Print – Esos technology, we help businesses and organizations modernize their archives by transforming physical documents into digital formats. How data archiving solutions work Quite simply, we take high quality scans of physical documents, and convert them into your choice of digital format. These can range from searchable and editable OCR (Optical Character Recognition) documents, through to JPEG and HTML file types. Whichever format is chosen by the client, the archives are then uploaded to a document management system – creating a digital archive that offers a range of benefits.

Print Management & Security Systems

Alex Print – Esos technology offers a service that takes away the pain logging calls and managing every printer activity on your network. Our unique service customized to your every changing customer needs which enables you to focus on your core business while we look after every aspect of the printers, whether they are Xerox or other brand devices. Alex Print – Esos technology Managed Print Services. Advantages: -Save costs by taking control of your printer usage and costs. -Be aware of print consumption with monthly quick glance print snapshots. -Identify opportunity areas and downtime hours per unit which will enable effective action and replacement consideration. -Meter readings running with your calendar month. -Toner usage awareness and management form easy to read monthly. -Save resources and invest into more profitable areas within your business. -Reduce energy and costs through device consolidation. -Save space with less back-up toners and spares on site. -Reduced downtime – Alex Print – Esos will identify the fault before you need to and rectify before it becomes a printing crisis.

Esos Technology Supplies

Paper – Toner (All brands) – Xerox spare parts and consumables

Alex Print – Esos technology supplies almost anything that you currently would put through a printer or photocopier. We supply a full range of papers that are coated or uncoated along with transparencies in all sizes. Most toner cartridges for any brand of printer including Xerox, Canon, Lexmark, Samsung and HP Original – same original – high copy – compatible, with warrantee included in any of our products that assures our products and services standards are available from our range with free same day delivery to improve your buying experience. . A 30-day account is available to assist with your cash flow management and ability to always have stock close by to satisfy your office requirements. Our experienced and friendly Account Consultants visit our customers regularly to ensure that we maintain the customer service partnership and grow with your business.

Printing cost savings solutions

We know the secrets & the knowledge to reduce your current printing cost

When moving towards a paperless office, there are a lot of potential complications that you need to address. These may be related to workflow processes, employee behaviors, or longstanding methods of how work is done in your office